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IUMS 2020

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IUMS Daejeon 2020

Daily Program

DAY 3 14 (Wed) October 2020
Time Session Title Venue
08:00~08:30 Registration 1F
Keynote Lecture 2
KL02. Universal Influenza Virus Vaccines Grand Ballroom (2F)
Adolfo Garcia-Sastre (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, USA)
09:30~10:00 Coffee Break Lobby (2F)
Bridging Session 3
Polymicrobial Host Interaction - Getting to Know Each Other
BS03-01. Deciphering Human Infections: from Function to Biogeography Grand Ballroom (2F)
Marvin Whiteley (Biological Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology(GIT), USA)
Takema Fukatsu (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)
BS03-03. Viral-bacterial Interactions in the Respiratory Tract
Jennifer Bomberger (Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Pittsburgh, USA)
12:00~14:00 Lunch and Posters/Luncheon Seminar/Visit the Exhibition Exhibition Hall (1F)
14:00~15:00 Plenary Lecture 2
BAM PL02-01. Antimicrobial Resistance, a Threat for Our Planet as Big as Climate Change, and the Role of Vaccines GBR 202 (2F)
Rino Rappuoli (External Research and Development, GSK Vaccines, Italy)
BAM PL02-02. Mucosal Vaccines: Old or New Wisdom for Control of Infectious Diseases
Hiroshi Kiyono (The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Evolution and Pathogenesis of Eukaryotic Microorganisms
MEM PL02-01. Gene Flow in Microbial Eukaryotes Crystal Ballroom, Lotte City Hotel
John M. Archibald (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University, Canada)
MEM PL02-02.
Duncan Wilson (Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, UK)
Viral Evolution & Surveillance
VIR PL02-01. Post-pandemic Decade in Russia: Overview of Human Influenza Virus Surveillance and Evolution Data GBR 201 (2F)
Andrey V. Vasin (WHO National Influenza Center, Russia)
VIR PL02-02. Genomic Surveillance and Phylodynamics across the Pathogen Pyramid
Philippe Lemey (KU Leuven, Belgium)
15:00~15:30 Coffee Break Lobby (2F)
15:30~17:30 Division Workshop 3
BAM DW06. Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology GBR 202 (2F)
BAM DW07. Microbial Interactions within Diverse Populations Room 103+104 (1F)
BAM DW11. Non-human Microbiomes Room 105+106 (1F)
BAM DW14. Phylogenomics of Prokaryotic Diversity Room 107+108 (1F)
MEM DW05. Plant Pathogenic Fungi Crystal Ballroom I+II,
Lotte City Hotel
MEM DW06. Signal Pathway in Host-Fungi Interaction Crystal Ballroom III, Lotte City Hotel
MEM DW14. Host-plasmodium Interactions Ruby, Lotte City Hotel
VIR DW09. Innate Immunity & Immune Evasion GBR 201 (2F)
VIR DW10. Influenza Virus: Virus-host Interaction Room 301 (3F)
VIR DW11. DNA Viruses Room 204+205 (2F)
VIR DW12. Coronavirus & Paramyxovirus Room 206+207+208 (2F)
17:30~18:00 Poster Removal Exhibition Hall (1F)
18:30~21:00 Banquet (Ticketed Dining)
Beer Party for Young Scientists
Exhibition Hall (1F)

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